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The upcoming election of 08

I was just telling my violin teacher the week before last that this is the first year EVER in the almost eleven years that I've been legal to vote that I have honestly and truthfully considered NOT voting. To tell you the honest truth I have given serious thought recently as to whether I still believe in democracy at least as it's practiced in the States. (Before the politics mavens correct me yes, I am aware that technically what we have in the states is an electoral republic but it doesn't change the fact that here we do things by a voting system in which the governed have a say in the election process hence is CALLED a "democratic" system. While I don't believe in the old-style absolutist monarchy system or despotic systems, unlike many Americans I am not *against* monarchy--especially Constitutional monarchies such as those they have in Britain--and I no longer am sure that I believe that every Tom, Dick and Harry no matter how wilfully ignorant is created equal to those who do everything they can to educate themselves and further not only their intellectual knowledge, but their experience and insight into the world and their fellow sentient beings. (I'm including non-humans in there by the way as I am not speciesist enough to believe that animals and perhaps in their own way even plants can't "think" and feel.

I don't know. I really don't. I am going through a period where I am seriously beginning to rethink my whole being-view in regard to politics among other things. I just don't fit into the human systems of thought anymore, or at least am beginning to do so less and less the more I awaken as an elf. (Yes, I identify as an elf--get over it. For more information on those who like me identify emotionally and/or spiritually as something other than human, see this site: http://www.otherkin.net )

To be honest, the system of government I have in mind (and which I don't have a very detailed vision of yet only the general idea) has not yet been invented among humans--at least not offline. I have a friend who runs a micronation that has a nobility that is conceived of along somewhat similar lines to this but not quite the same:

A meritocratic aristocracy. That is, an aristocracy of people that was based on *merit* rather than on heritage and bloodline or military knowledge the way human governments have been, and where those who have *proven* themselves honorable, just and good before society rule over those who have not *yet* proven themselves. Anyone could conceivably become an aristocrat, and an aristocrat who ended up acting in a way not in keeping with someone of noble character could have their noble status taken away from them by the people.

I am working on developing this kind of society in a fantasy novel I'm writing. (Oh btw, to the cynics out there who might read this--don't bother posting to me or snarking that that kind of society would be found ONLY in fantasy.  I know I am an idealist but I actually *do* live most of my ideals much of the time and have been doing my utmost to do so since I was twelve years old--so go spew your bitterness on someone else please. Thank you).

I'm just tired of politics in general. Tired of the backstabbing and the kind of bs in American politics where what is considered debate is essentially "Well I'm better than you because...."

I am at a point in my development where I no longer see the value of anger as anything other than a crisis emotion--an emotion that is specifically FOR situations that require the kind of swift, "kick-butt" action that anger tends to generate. I just don't believe in it and I no longer believe in the American political ideals that place anger and "outrage" on a pedestal. Surely freedom and justice for all means more than just the freedom to spew our unique venom on or at others. Or should mean more than that.

Anyway, that's just my take on things. Take care, all.

Love and peace,


Feb. 8th, 2008 10:08 am (UTC)
Re: World of LJ
Go for it, love.
Feb. 8th, 2008 10:15 am (UTC)
Re: World of LJ
You should also join my LJ community wtf_humans and repost it there.



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