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Foster cats, Kitty PR, psi, studies update

One of you will have seen this in different words (part of it anyway) in a spirituality group I run, though this is mostly related to the cats and psi.

So what is new, as my friend Keith (bf of one of my best friends Ellyn) would say.


In the most recent news our family has taken on the care of two foster-cats. I have gotten one query regarding them thus far. Have been pretty busy taking care of them, studying my ass off--this year I added Latin plus Algebra--of those two I've done more of the Latin but also have read a page or so from the Algebra book ea. time I've done the Latin. Last time I almost got a problem in said Algebra book solved correctly.

Kitty PR==keeping our cats of the foster cats' fur--especially my Majellical cat or Magellan (his main name,, the other's just a nickname) is a fighter now that he's actually learned to fight back regarding Efi, our other permanent feline, who, however, unlike Magellan, is outside for 99 hours of the day and inside only at night.

I have charge of the foster cats plus Magellan and am responsible for cleaning out all the boxes, making sure Magellan plus the foster cats are fed, etc. We all have charge of Efi pretty much and she stays in my sire's/dad's room at night. Once she actually comes inside--she can be hard to convince to come inside but once she's in, she's in 'til morning breaks.

Slept in 'til 530 pm today--last Thursday I slept in 'til about 7 pm Pacific time.

Wrote a Yule and Christmas poem today--separate ones, both Christo-Pagam though the second, the one regarding Christmas, tends, of course, a bit *more* toward the Christian side with mystical overtones.

I hope to compose a melody for both of them and deliberately written both as song lyrics, with the words that are held longer having the holds written in.

I.E. booooooooooorn


Writing of my memoir has been on hold for a bit though I have about (thus far) *lots* of typed pages. Brevity hath never been one of my talents. LOL

Oh and have I mentioned that I've turned into the kind of workaholicky person I used to fus over when I was younger, whether when very much younger or in college? LOL

I can do this thing. I tell myself that everynight sometimes numerous times. As often as I can to shut my worries up and supplant them with faith in myself and continued faith in my faith.

Oh and to end this bit on a *really* positive note:

A few months ago I contacted one of my former bullies on FB. When I reminded him who I was (without mentioning anything of what he'd put me through at first, lol) and when I mentioned having apologized to another of them for mine own extreme behavior at times (from having been desperately in love with that one which probably inspired his share of the bullying in the first place because he himself did not return those feelings), a few years before when he and I had been in college together though in separate study tracks, the one on FB that I contacted this year said:

"Oh yeah Lilla I remember you. I'm surprised you mention apologizing to X because I feel a lot of us owe you a huge apology."

I almost cried with relief when I read that≥. I got his phone number and email and we had a few good conversations over the phone. Have not seen him again in person yet but one of the things I asked him over the phone was:

"Okay let me get this question out of the way for when you and I do meet up in person--do you accept hugs?"


We haven't met up in person both due to distance and I realized that at *that* point at least I wasn't quite ready because when he *was* planning at one point to come to PDX (Portlands Zip letters for those on my friends' list who aren't familiar) I realized that *at that point* I wasn't *quite* ready because at the time when it was a little closer than when he had mentioned his upcoming visit--within a couple of weeks of it--a huge bit of hurt welled up in my heart at that point and I realized *the* that as of then I wasn't quite ready. But I know that I will be at some point.

That last bit was way earlier this year. The most recent news is the foster-cats etc.

It's been a full nine months since I last posted.
Veeery full. The last 3 weeks or so more so than ever. And I haven't even gotten outside to do any barding and singing of Chrolstice tunes (Christmas Solstice in one) yet. That's been on my to-do list. The extra cash would be good.

That's it. For this post. Hugs and love to all,


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Dec. 13th, 2010 04:33 am (UTC)
Um, I didn't watch a vid, I was posting about my personal life in mine own journal. I posted it to 'everyone.'
Please do not use such violent words on my journal page. If you cannot phrase your concerns more kindly please leave me alone,

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