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Well, I was invited to share my opinions on magick in Fayanor's Omnimagick community and I did post a reply to something she said in that community about the dogmatism often found in the magickal community.

What follows is just my spur-of-the-moment blurb and views and/or experience. There is always the possibilty (infinite possibilities theory after all--grins) that I am full of myself and/or of more tauri merda (bull shit in Latin) than a field recently vacated by bulls but here goes.

As much as I wish it weren't true, most of the people practicing magick today are humans--and possibly most of them are humans on more than simply the biological level--i.e., at the level of the soul. Not the Spirit--which is closer to collective universal consciousness itself and has close to *no* unique personality of its own, but the soul, which has more individuality and a touch of ego thrown in--just how much depends on the soul and the energies s/he has concentrated on in hes life as a consciousness, whether incarnate or not.
Yeshua (Jesus) my main spirit guide and who is coming to be my main male consciousness in my own inner Collective of guides and soul fragments--told me in a written dialogue we're having that humans are biologically programmed for extremism--not necessarily violent extremism mind you--he used that as a descriptive word of a mentality, not of a social behavior--but extremism just the same. Look at how their cultures operate: One half of the globe is rugged individualist in mentality and the other half is made of up humans who are collectivists almost to the negation of individuality as even mattering. (Such as traditional Far Eastern cultures, for example, and most tribal cultures in Native America. People in both of these societies operate according to the view that the Collective takes care of the individual--that what is good for the collective is automatically good for the individual because the individual's needs are taken care of by the collective.

With humans separating themselves into such rigid and strictly defined camps, dogmatism and what is called "group-think" by social psychologists--the inability to think OUTSIDE of the belief system (not using belief as a necessarily spirit-denoting word but as a mentality word) of the group to which the individual belongs--is BOUND to arise.

And it has...throughout history. Turn to the pages of almost any society's history or stories of clashes between societies and you'll see Us/Them written all over the pages.

So what does all this have to do with magick? Plenty.

People who abide by strict definitions, rules,  and extreme views the way humans seem to be biologically programmed to do, are *bound* to conflict with those who say and/or live that the rules don't matter. And guess what most religions of *any* sort tend to be built around on this poor planet: Rules.

My only true rules for myself are:

Peace as far as sentiently possible
Non-harming as far as sentiently possible, and I extend this to preventing and/or stopping grievous harms wherever I can. In the past, I have cursed someone who harmed me (I'm talking serious damage, not just harming my ego) in order to prevent their doing that sort of harm to someone else if I at all could and had no way of addressing it via non-magickal means. Nothing bad ever happened to me--I was sad that  I'd had to do it, but quite frankly the S.O.B. in question would have had a little karmic whupass coming to him eventually anyway because he was an egotistical, sex-mad prick. I just helped it along and I have no regrets anymore that I did. I included an "out" clause in the curse that ensured that if the behaviors for which he was being cursed changed (i.e., he stopped viewing women as mere objects who were there to satisfy his every need without him needing to care about satisfying theirs or giving THEM pleasure and stopped treating them like dirt when they didn't do what HE wanted) that the curse should then itself cease.
I cursed him so that he wouldn't do to anyone else what he tried to do to me (trying to blackmail me into giving him head--yeah, lovely guy, huh?). No idea if it worked or not. Don't really care as long as I never have to see him again.

Doing my best to awaken others to what I have learned and know

Being a healing presence for those who at ANY LEVEL (conscious or not) seek it

Protecting and/or defending with the means available to me (magick--I include prayer in this) those who are innocent, defenseless/helpless, and who are by some means incapable of speaking for themselves and protecting themselves.

I'm pretty mellow by and large and above-average loving but there are some things  I will NOT take and if some lifeform does not respond to Love and the need is great, I know what to do, at least as far as the Spirit World is concerned.

Love and peace,


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Feb. 10th, 2008 03:33 am (UTC)
Were you trying to post this to omni_magick by any chance?
Feb. 10th, 2008 01:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Were you trying to post this to Omnimagick
No, but I'm fine with posting it there. Would you like me to?
Feb. 11th, 2008 07:11 am (UTC)
Re: Were you trying to post this to Omnimagick
Yes please. :-)
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